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Case Study


Empiric is a multi-award winning business and one of the fastest growing technology and transformation recruitment agencies specialising in data, digital, cloud and security.


Our goal when working with Empiric on their SEO to develop and grow key areas of their website by optimising it for organic search and a range of competitive and long-tail keywords.

The ultimate goal of our partnership was to increase traffic and job submissions via the website.

Our Impact

After our initial research including competitor analysis, audience insights and keyword research, it became that this campaign needed a multifaceted approach.

In order to increase job submissions, we created copy and internal guidelines to launch new jobs pages, which achieved some stand-out long-term results. By changing the way the job pages were written and worked, we were able to earn links from the EveningTimes and The National. Our work on the jobs section of the website led to not only an increase in job submissions, but an increase in rank around key target job keywords including: cybersecurity, project manager and data scientist.

Outside of careers, this campaign was focused on onsite recommendations, and getting the onsite keywords up to scratch to generate organic traffic. This was further supported by off-site link building, which helped to create referral traffic, while boosting the domain authority and reputation of the Empiric website itself.

The final stage involved technical SEO support and guidance. This included some of the key ranking requirements such as fast load speeds, a solid experience on mobile devices, a good UX, as well as clear signposting and call-to-actions throughout.

Each of these stages involves research, implementation and iteration, and we have worked with Empiric on an ongoing basis to consistently deliver results. Our results included a 612% increase in organic submissions in 2019, and a 66% increase in organic traffic in the same year.


  • 612% Increase in Organic Submissions in 2019
  • 66% Increase in Organic Traffic in 2019
  • 30% Increase in Organic Search Visibility in 2019


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  • Strategy

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